Saturday, May 22, 2010

Turkish delight!

This was a while ago...back in May I went to guide in Turkey again and I am more and more in love with this country as a trekking destination. The food is deeeelicious, the views are fabulous, the people are friendly, the flora is fascinating, the ruins are worth it, the weather was cold at first and tropical by the end! We discovered the Agean sea-side village of Ayvalik and almost forgot to leave! Turkey is a marvelous place to loose your guidebook and travel by instinct.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

CherriesWalks Nature Walks

Awesome! Today I got the 40 kids into the snow to recognise fresh wild animal tracks! After playing a predator & prey game where the foxes were at the bottom of the food chain - which needless to say upset the 10 year old foxes... They decided they wanted to be polar bears. So we all became polar bears and realised that even though we were the most recently evolved mamal on the planet we were in deep survival trouble! The foxes suddenly realised that they were the luckiest of all as they have managed to evolve to survive in all sorts of ecosystems. Once they understood that they can live with man as well as up at 2500 meters they were a bit happier. Although they still didn't like the fact that the girls who were eagles & cougars could kill and eat them....Ahhhh, there is nothing like guiding 40 ten year olds, I love my job!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nature walks with kids in Verbier

I managed to guide 40 kids around Verbier while a snow storm was raging overhead! We found a nice dry spot and made some land art to learn about ecosystems.