Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Arpille Tour

The Arpille is attainable to almost everyone who likes to walk. There are lots of different ways to get up it. Most people dont even see it as it is hiding between the mighty summits of Chamonix and the Valais and Chablais regions.
The views from this little summit are awesome!

The area is protected because of its marsh lands, which today were grass lands. We are having an incredibly dry autumn. It certainly makes the walking easy!

Amongst the myrtilles are these views of the Chamonix region!

The Dent de Morcles got snow on one side of it! The Grand Chavalard is still dry! This is the view of the Alpage de l'Arpille. The cows have already been taken back down to greener grasses!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Dent de Valerette in Chablais

This little limestone tooth just reaches 2000 meters. As a part of the Dents du Midi it is not an obvious summit, but it sure is beautiful!

The fun part once you arrive at top is the ridge line you can follow, all the way to the cabane Chalin and up the Dent de Valère.There was frost at the top and we got snowed on as we returned to the car!
In the catholic canton on Valais of course there is a cross.
The fall colors are simply awesome at the moment. We were hoping the clouds would lift, but as they didnt it means I will have to return!
A bit fresh for a picnic up here!