Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hiking in Vaud!

Yep, not so far from the autoroute above Montreux is a spot with more flowers than you can imagine! Oh and the views of the lake, France & the Valais from up there is just breathtaking! You also get to check out the mountains of the Massif du Mont Blanc!
Here we have an unusual view of the Chardonnet, Aiguille Verte & Les Drus squeezed between the Dents de Morcles & Dents du Midi. Definitely worth seeing.
If you take the time to poke your nose a little closer to the gazzzillion-millllion super cute & cuddley flowers you get to notice the special beauty of each one individually. It doesn't take long and the rewards for the observations is fun.
These cuties are called Stellaria holostea - Stellaire - Stitchwort. Yeah...not so romantic to know the name...
This wooden shingle architecture is called 'tavillons' in Suisse Romande. It is really interesting to learn how they traditionaly built their chalets d'alpage. Today this is a protected artisanal cultural art. Just imagine, for 2 square meters of roofing in this fashion you need about 250 wooden shingles to ensure it was water proof!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Avalanche course


It is about 25 degrees out, so of course I was expecting to give an avalanche course!
Luckily I managed to find a last run out with a snowshoer, skier and a wild alpine beast! What a ride. Hate to tell you, but the snowshoer got taken out by the avalanche. And the poor skiier couldn't find him at the bottom of the ravine. It is essential to know how to use your safety tools & yer noggin! But the kids all found the hidden tranceivers in the alpine heather. Pretty funny morning!
Moral of the story : you can learn how to use your avalanche tranceiver even if there is no snow on the mountain!
Be safe, go with friends, think & do what you can do! Enjoy!
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Herbal Honeys


Trying a new recipe this year!
I have so much sage & lavender in the garden that I am going to see if they will become a tasty yummy sirup when left in the sun with 'sucre candi' like it does with the buds of Norweigian Spruces.
Will let you know in the fall!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy May

Muscari à toupet, very pretty type of flower that is going crazy in the dry hot sun just around the corner from my house. We have a really interesting micro climate that attracts different flora & fauna than the rest of the val de Bagnes.
Fabulous weather out for going for frolics in the flowery fields! We were lucky enough to see a green lizard. The head has some turquoise on it, so it is a male. They are quite big and fun to see if you are quick, or slow enough!