Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sunny snowshoe days in Verbier

The best moments of snowshoeing are often when we are going through a forest. It is the place of hiding spots for non hibernating animals. 

Finishing a full day of snowshoe fun with the sunset!
Obseving how the trees adapt to harsh winters and their amazing survival techniques is absolutely mind boggeling!
The views that peek between the Norwegian Spruces are delightful. 
The Pierre Avoi as seen from the Clambin area of Verbier.
The cute resort of Bruson and the Chamonix Massif seem so close here!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cold winter skin needs calendula salve

Making homemade calendula / soucis creams in the dead of winter!
What better way to pamper myself and my friends when it is minus degrees outside?

Sometimes I wonder why I collect all these flowers and stuff in summer...  
These calendula flowers spent all summer macerating in olive oil in the val de Bagnes summer sun.
Hot mix of calendula and lavender oil with our beeswax and honey!!! Almost want to eat it.
All that is left to do is slather it on!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Les Blisiers

Thank goodness this cute summit in the Entremont Valley is not goung to be renamed "les blisters"!

The trees are encased in the powder that just fell on Saturday.
The larches light up with the sun and play brightly on the blue clear sky!
As we reached the summit, approx 2000 meters high, the wind sprinkled sparkles all around us. Lucky us, we even saw some chamois!
A real fairy tale panorama!
The view spans from the Massif des Combins, val Ferret to the Dents du Midi (here) and accross to the Rhône Valley area.
Really worth the drive out of Verbier to be discovered.

Sunday, January 15, 2017