Tuesday, November 18, 2014


This is a fun little summit to get to, it doesn't take too long and is not too steep, but the views and all the animal footprints all over the place really make it a unique spot. Just nestled between the Chamonix Valley and the Valais, all the summits are out on a good day!
Didn't need snowshoes today!
In the early fall the myrtilles are delicious! And a good reason to come for a walk here!!

 Le Grand Chavalard and the amazing area around the Dents de Morcles was all over the horizon!
 Saw a few chamois, and lots of wild hare, chevreuil, squirrel and wild furry prints on all sides. It is so much fun to try and guess who has left the prints behind, and where were they going, and why?
 Of course I cannot go up here and not give you a photo of the highest mountain in the Alps! So here is the shot of Mont Blanc!
But for me the most stunning view of all is the Rhone valley. The absolute flatness of it is shocking with all the mountains rising sharply up above it. Some have year round glaciers covering them, and others are a bit lower, many have grape vines if they are on the correct side for the sun. Here the view also shows the crazy drive up to Sembrancher & Verbier. A unique spot for sure.