Friday, November 30, 2018

Big event tomorrow!

Hey hey! My updated website looks like it is going to be ready!!
Very exciting nerdy activity!
Of course it is not all going to be like it should be, but that is what life is!

Here are some things I did this summer instead of working on my website: Natural dying methods to imprint plants onto cloth and paper.

Boiling T-shirts with rust & leaves!

Wild geranium came out groovy!

Hammering it in was cool too!

Walked 200km on the N.W. Coast of Spain!
Biiiig backpack, for camping!

My what long legs I have! 
All the better for...hmmmm...wonder what?!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Modernized Website

I believe it has taken me about 6 years to finally update my website!
Of course it is because I am always outside!! Yeah, I wish that were my excuse! I am just a really efficient procrastinator. Anything I have to do on my computer comes LAST!
I learned to make soap this summer!

Winter is just around the corner, so I need my snowshoes to be dusted off and my rubber crampons to be 100% functioning. Oh and I need to find my wooly hats, gloves, ski pants, and poles! Yeah, poles are important. 

Saved some bees out of Bruson too!

So, before all that activity.....I must re-do my website. I have given myself the 1st of December to publish it. Let's see if I am capable!
Oh, and thanks for your patience!