Saturday, February 21, 2015

Awesome day along Bisse de Levron

Some groovy ice formations are appearing with all this sunny weather!

These little wings are what hold the pine nuts that all animals are after during winter. The squirrels, birds, and rodents are all leaving them strewn all over the forest floor. They come from the Norwegian Spruce (épicéa) pine cones. I find them extremely difficult to extract, but they are tasty!

Of course the Massif des Combins was ever present in the incredibly blue blue sky!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Super Snowshoeing near Verbier

Just a little drive away from the tourist center of Verbier lies a fabulous area to snowshoe in. There were lots of animal tracks, & views from Verbier to the Saint Bernard regions - not much is missing!

Views towards The Entremont Valley & Orsières

Fresh powder tracks!
Not often that someone is willing to walk infront of me and make my snowshoeing day easier! Yippee & Thanks!

Old troll beards hanging off the trees!

Picnic & tea spot under the frozen roots of a larch (mélèze) tree which fell over. It is amazing to take the time to inspect the roots and see what they hold : rocks & bolders, new trees, frozen dirt, homes for rodents, etc...

And of course some crazy fresh air lichen, soaking up the non-polluted air of the val de Bagnes!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Verbier Funny snowshoe places

With signs like this just barely sticking out of the snow you better keep your eyes open! 

Beautiful massif des Combins & powder!

Snowshoeing back into Verbier the picturesque way!

Imagine you have a hard time inviting friends for dinner at this place, but what a view of the valley & the stars! It is beautiful here!