Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Verbier Snowshoeing

Away from the crowds up through the woods we ventured on snow that is crusty in the morning and slushy by midday.

We saw lots of animal tracks. Wild hare, chevreuil, chamois, no camels though...
The impressive massif des Combins and a norwegian spruce tree.
Snow covered renovated mayens, what a view to have every day?! The mont Dolent - Chamonix massif - plateau du Trient. 
Pop! Spriiiiiiiing is trying to burst through at 2000m anywhere the snow cover is thin enough!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Snowshoe Zinal Glacier

Nestled back in the upper valley of Anniviers is a huge glacier (actually it is where 3 glaciers come together).

Up past the Besso and towards the Pointe de Zinal...this is a trip for people who like to walk and take time looking at ice falls.
There is nothing very steep, but it is a gradual uphill and the air is fresh from the proximity to the glaciers! Perfect on a warm spring day!
The entrance to the glacier. The ice is not cold and feels strangely like plastic!
Little humbled snowshoers infront of the glacier entrance. In the winter the meltwater stream coming out is small, so you can enter and walk around under the ice!
Exciting on the inside! 
Orange birch trees close to Zinal. Not sure why they are this color...Any ideas?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Snowshoeing Raquettes in Bruson

Just accross the valley from Verbier is the super village of Bruson. The area is definitely fun and diverse enough to play in in any season!
Snowshoeing around the Norwegian Spruces and Larches we found this mushroom hiding under some snow! It is nice to take the time to see things.

Looking down towards the valley floor. We were just above some cute  mayens (wooden huts one goes to in the month of May to graze the cows).  Although today there are no cows and no grass to graze on!!

Still snowing! What a winter! This is ideal!!!

Yet spring is about to burst out in flower according to what is not under the snow today!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Snowshoeing Raquettes in Bruson

I love to snowshoe in my valley! The wooden chalets look like gingerbread houses with frosting at the moment! There were lots of different animal prints to check out. It makes going uphill less tyring if you stop and analyse them!

Looking accross at Verbier and the Pierre Avoi...aaah, just a beautiful morning!
A birch tree with its paper bark unravelling. Do you think early sapiens used it like post-its? "Dear, please bring home a wooly mamoth for dinner soon."??  😀