Monday, October 30, 2017

Derborence: hostility vs. tranquility

We had a beautiful walk through the 'pioneer' forest that led us to the lake of Derborence. There we contemplated the 300 year old trees that had not been destroyed be the Diablerets rock fall so many centuries ago.

We headed back across the rubble piles of the rock fall and watched how the power of water and snowmelt continuously creates and shapes the landscapes. 

The sun was lowering in the sky as we passed below the Quille du Diable and joined up to a hameau hanging precariously on the left-over green pastures. The chalets we walked by are totally wrong looking, as in they cannot possibly expect to survive in such a hostile spot! 

 There was a surprising view of the Massif des Combins at one point!
That is the true beauty of Derborence. The hostility and tranquility juxtapositions are absolutely phenomenal!

We ended the loop by walking across the dam, which is often overlooked when one comes here.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Val de Bagnes Le Tour des Lacs

I have seen signs for this 'Tour des lacs' for many years now, as I roam around the Rogneux area. And now I understand why I see them all over the place; the tour covers the entire front face as well as all the nooks and crannies up the little 'vallons'. 
An extra lake, not on the official tour...absolutely beautiful and lunar in its alpine corner.

The fine silt was frozzen solid under our feet! We were a bit worried about sliding right into the water. Luckily that did not happen, as we would have turned instantly into popsicles in the water at the base of the Petit Combin. 

The blend of colors of end of summer grasses and bare rocks above the alpine glacier lakes is really worth taking the time to appreciate. 

This tour takes all day and covers many kilometers, but you can cut it short and do it in smaller loops. But the whole tour, plus our little jaunt up towards the Col de Lâne is definitely worth while. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Col du Sanetsch

We took off and walked for the day on the moon! 
Such weird landscapes!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bisse du Neuf Savièse

Autumn colors are here early this year as we have had frosts down low into the valleys already. Combined with the dry spell the leaf trees are turning all sorts of amazing shades. It is really worth checking out right now! As in a few weeks this will be over and the larches will be turning yellow and golden, what a treat it will be then too!
The Bisse du Torrent Neuf is built into the cliff and where there is no logical pathway the wooden passrelles leave you on hanging bridges!

Amazing architecture feats of the 15th century or so.

One of the many hanging bridges! Youpiiie!

It really is dry out right now, the dust is thick. Across the way is the road up to the Sanetsch Pass. Also a place to discover in the fall.