Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ovronnaz to Cabane Rambert

A beautiful sunny day to take the lift up to start off our hike up to the Cabane was a fabulous idea as we then had more time to hang out and oggle the view which spans from the Monte Leone (Simplon pass) to the Matterhorn, the Combins, the Mont Blanc and to the most amazing view of the Dents du Midi that I know of. The hike up was fun as we took the time to wet our feet in the alpine stream.

The boys had lugged up climbing ropes and harnesses and took the time to climb a few routes that are on the Grand Muveran behind the cabane. We also had a non-stop parade of bouquetins surrounding us all afternoon.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bec de Sery

Here is a mountain I have been wanting to climb for a long time. We set off from the Cabane Brunet and hiked clockwise up to the col des Avouillons and back. The hike up was amazing with the Grand Combin & Corbassière Glacier literally in our face. The hike back down to the flower fields and raging torrents was fabulous with the Petit Combin watching over us. Lots of wild flowers and butterflies accompanied us the whole way. The air was nice and fresh and the sun was not too hot. Thanks for a fun day!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

La Tzouma hike

We took off from Verbier and drove up and over the Col de Croix de Coeur. As it has recently snowed it was chilly and I took my wool hat with me! After hiking the Ancien Bisse de Saxon we ended up with this fabulous view up the Vallon d'Arby! There are tons of orchids & arnica & fireweed and other super flowers to be admired. Well worth the excursion. We then drove back up to Croix de Coeur in fog thicker than pea soupe! It is beautiful to see the mountain with its many different looks.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mont Fort sunrise!

At 04:45 we left Verbier where it was already 17 degrees! As the doors of the Mt.Fort lift opened at 3330 meters jackets & hats & doudounes were quickly put on as the wind was blowing and the coolness in the air was striking! There are 4 morning trips this summer to the top of Mt. Fort to see the sunrise. I cannot stress how intense an experience this is. Just do it!
I took the time to walk back down to La Chaux, passing by the Cabane Mont Fort for a drink on the way. What a way to wake up!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Peaks of Verbier

The Combins seen from La Chaux, just an amazing view. A quick trip to the top of the Mont Fort to see the Matterhorn & Mont Blanc as well as most of the 4000 meter peaks of the Alps. It is really worth going up there to see this and check out the Tortin Glacier which is receding rapidly (snif!)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

100% Natural Fun

Verbier's Eco Bio Market is too much for me! I have once again sold all my stock! Then again I don't have much as my products are all made by hand and are all wild produce. Maybe I should make it more expensive?!
A fresh calendula flower to be dried and added to a happy flower tisane!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

La Marlenaz

Had a beautiful day hiking up to the Marlenaz. On the way we passed by the cow herd at the alpage des planards. The night before had been super stormy and three of their cows got hit by lightening! An interesting question was posed to me: do I think the cow bells attracted the lightening?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Verbier Market

My stand at the Verbier Bio Market. These are all products that can be made if one takes the time to learn what is edible in nature. What a success! Sold my 100% Natural fun tisanes & herb mixes. Had pots of 'oh la la origano' for cooking, a 'lavender splash tisane' & a 'tisane méga tonique!' Came home with nothing! Will have to make more next time, and at least enough so that I can have some too!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eat weeds!

They say that a weed is just a name for a plant that one doesn't know what its uses are, perhaps. Here I took the day to cook a meal out of what we picked in the fields & forests of La Tzouma. Wild salad & jardin sur pain as starters; a potatoe, tomatoe, onion meshoui with wild spinach, fireweed, betony, & plantain leaves as a main dish, followed by the wild monk's rhubarb coulie desert! Yummmie!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Making swiss cheese

What a way to start a hike! There is nothing like starting the day helping the locals with their daily work making cheese. It is not as easy as it looks! Hard & hot work! The cows have the easy job, I mean not only do they have an awesome view to hang out in but look at what they eat - wild orchids!