Friday, November 11, 2011

Tour de la dent de Chamosentze

Another cool geological outing in a place we drive by on the autoroute and barely even glimpse up at. Well, of course there are so many other peaks in the way that it is hard to see this one! Just snuggled in between Ovronnaz, Derborence and below the Muverans is the Dent (tooth) de Chamosentze!
It is worth going up to the Mayens de Chamosson to see the view of the Rhône Valley and accross to the Matterhorn and the Pierre Avoi. Quite spectacular, certainly with the morning fog.
Unfortunately we did not manage to do the tour of the Dent, as there was lots of snow on the north side. Cannot wait to do this when the snow melts next year, who's comming along?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Wow, I had not been back to Leysin in a long time and I am not sure I have ever been there without snow!!! It was beautiful & fresh! We had a delicious picnic at the base of the Tour d'Aï & Tour de Mayen. After lots of geological blabla, which I am sure everybody understood....

I sure hope these guys get snow this winter. We saw lots of wild chevreuil & chamois hopping around between the frozen ground line and the unfrozen grass!