Monday, September 26, 2016

Skuleskogen in Västernorrland

Such fantastic local tour guides!

A fun and interesting way to mark the water levels from thousands of years ago.
We hiked up to a cave before going to the top!
Lakes and sea marking different altitudes.
I learned the difference between a birch and an aspen! Such cool trees and we are lucky to see them changing colors! Every now and then a red maple pops in.
Red granite is underneath everything. The roots here are hugging it and the tree is still alive, just got itself into a more comfy position for when it snows or gets super windy!
Very well explained info!
Me at the top drinking a rose hip soup, nyponskalmjol soppa!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Swedish lichen on High Coast

Likin' da lichen up in the north!

Stockholmsgatornea, the narrow streets of Stockholm, a wild playground! 

How many different mosses and lichens are there??
Myrtilles popping out in between mosses and lichen.
Perfect elf spot!! Or trolls!
A red carpet! Magical!
Nature making right angles in the granite blocks.
A swim in black clear waters?
So wild!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Beautiful Bisse de Bruson

Here is a fun walk to do in any weather! 

It is a loop in the woods that can be extended or shortened and can also suddenly if the desire hits one, include a peak!

Gushing waters from the mountain tops enter the bisse, which was used in the old days to water the fields so the village would survive winter.
A beautiful hike up to the start of where the water gets captured.
William Besse, a local ski hero, carved this goegeous howing wolf. I hope I can get a group out here on snowshoes this winter, I bet it is quite the sight in the dark!
Dont want to step off here to cool my feet!